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Hello, I’m Heather!

As your brand stylist, I do the design, so you can focus on growing your business.

Effective branding can be challenging since there’s so much to consider … colors, fonts, images, design, pitching, promos, marketing, etc. My specialty is in understanding your brand and unique value, then communicating it visually to your ideal clients, through strategic design and photography.

Like it or not, image is everything.

How you show up has a direct impact on your attraction, and recognition, which all needs to reflect how people can expect to feel working with you. A unified brand creates trust, which is essential to building relationships, especially in business.

When your brand looks good, you look good and feel good.

Feeling completely confident with what you are putting out in the world makes a huge impact on how you approach your business. When you know you have all the tools to support who you are, you don’t need to hold yourself back.

photo credit: Marcy Browe Photography

“Thank you, Heather! You have an amazing process that supported me in having a successful and empowering experience! I felt in complete collaboration with you and your creative genius …”


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What makes me different

Professional Bio:

Heather (Marsh) Palenscar is a Brand Stylist specializing in design and photography for small businesses, consultants, coaches, and creatives, that are motivated to grow their business. Heather provides a foundation of inspiration, education, and services, so they can confidently promote their business, online and in person. Through strategic branding, Heather and her style team work with clients to ensure they are making an authentic first and lasting impression, that closes the gap between their business and their marketing.


Intuitive People Person, Artist, Fashion & Makeup Lover, 1984 – present

Professional Photographer, 2005 – present

Graphic Designer & PrePress in Commercial Printing, 2007 – 2010
This is where I gained my extensive knowledge of branding, marketing, design and the 4-color printing process. I speak print so you don’t have to.

Web Designer & Developer, Co-Founder, 2008 – 2011
My first business (partnership). One of my biggest learning experiences, mainly why humans are the most important factor in any website and what drives them to buy/click/try/sign up now.

Education & Certificates:

PHP Certification, Zend Technologies, 2009

Landing Page Optimization Certified, Marketing Experiments, Inc., 2008

A.A.S., Graphic Design, 2007
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Cincinnati, Ohio

Professional Photographic Illustration, 2003
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York